Logo painting of the Villa in Andalusia on the Costa del Sol holidays near Malaga at Finca de Niño a large family Villa in Andalucia

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watercolour painting of a Spanish village house by painting tutor Andrew Johns

"House in Spain" by Andrew John

Andrew John

Andrew John brings groups out to the Finca during the spring and autumn and has worked with us for a good many years now. He is one of our most successful and experienced tutors and holiday organisers. He works and demonstrates in watercolour and is a member of the Iberian Art Society. He has a web page which describes exactly what he offers to all standards of ability. He also runs a very attractive painting programme in France. For prices and availability and more information visit his site at www.paintingholidays.com.

Painting holidays 2016: 11 June - 18 June

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watercolour painting by painting tutor Doug Mays way in Axarquia

watercolour painting by painting tutor Doug Mays way in Axarquia

by Doug Mays

Doug Mays

Doug Mays is an award-winning Canadian watercolour artist whose workshops are always well received by novice to advanced watercolourists searching for a looser, freer style.

Doug has conducted numerous workshops in France, Italy, Spain, Mexico as well as from his home base in Canada.
He is an elected member of Canada’s national watercolour society – The Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (cspwc).

With ‘Spontaneity’ being the hallmark of Doug’s watercolour style, his enthusiasm for the medium, his pragmatic and light-hearted approach all come together and lead to a stress-free and enjoyable experience.
His paintings can be viewed on his website at: www.arrowsinthequiver.com

Painting holidays
2016: 17 Sep - 01 Oct

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watercolour painting of Spanish sailors in the sea by host Sally Pead

"Dia del Virgen" by Sara Pead

Sara Pead

Sara Pead studied in the UK, in the Bristol Academy of Fine Art, working mostly in pastel and oil. After some years painting portraits she is now enjoying the wonderful light and shade of Andalucia — the colour, the people, the local traditions. Her aim is to record the beauty around us in ordinary things, ordinary people, a shape, a reflection, the Andalusian sky and the events where local people are working in the traditional manner.
She has had exhibitions locally and has sold her work in Europe and the USA.

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watercolour painting of the Bar El Pimpi by painting tutor Barry Herniman

"Inside El Pimpi" by Barry Herniman

Barry Herniman

Barry Herniman has been painting full time for many years and has held workshops, demos and seminars in numerous locations both home and abroad. He works in a variety of mediums, but his first love is watercolour. His style could be seen to be ´loose and lively´, with an eye for detail and he never tires of the fluidity and transparency the medium allows. His subject matter ranges from derelict cottages to crashing seas.

He is a regular contributor to the Artist magazine and his book ´Barry Herniman’s Travelling Sketchbook´ has recently been published which includes many sketches of the Finca and environs.

watercolour painting of Finca Bougainvillea by painting tutor Barry Herniman

"Finca Bougainvillea"

He won the ´SAA Artist of the Year´ award in 2001. He believes that painting should be fun and is an amusing host often seen with his mandolin round his neck!

Painting holidays 2015: 13 June - 20 June

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watercolour painting of a Morrocan still life by painter and tutor Olivia Garner

"Moroccan still life" by Olivia Garner

Olivia Garner

Olivia Garner's great passion is the Mediterranean, its colours, the fabrics and the exotic tiles. This comes out in her painting style which is vibrant and multi-dimensional, especially when she experiments with mixed media. She mainly works in acrylic, and whether it is an Andalucian courtyard or a Moroccan still life, her use of colour is equally striking.

watercolour painting of an old street in a Spanish village in Spain by painter Olivia Garner

"Calle vieja" by Olivia Garner




Olivia studied at Amersham College of Fine Art, and has exhibited in many highlly respected exhibitions, including the Grand Palais in Paris. She has taught for many years in the UK and has recently moved to a lovely villa overlooking the harbour at La Caleta de Velez. She brings her enthusiasm and love of Spain to La Finca del Niño.

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painting of Spanish country side with white village by painter Diana Golledge

by Diana Golledge

Diana Golledge

Diana Golledge studied painting and sculpture at the West of England College of Art and The Slade in London, was awarded Diplomas in Fine Art, Sculpture, and Lithography, and won the Slade Anatomy Prize.

She taught in schools, and at the Gloucester College of Art and Dillington College over a period of 20 years, before turning to freelance teaching at Art Societies and painting holidays.

painting of coast line of the Costa del Sol by painter Diana Golledge

by Diana Golledge

Since becoming a full-time painter she has exhibited in London, many other parts of the UK, Paris, and the South of France.

Her love of painting is only matched by her love of Jazz, which comes out in her paintings of musicians; and the character of the people and the stunning countryside of her adopted Andalucia, is seen in her vibrant work. We feel sure you will be helped by this approachable and inspiring lady who has so much experience of all abilities, and an infectious enthusiasm for painting!

Painting holidays
2016: 25 June - 2 July & 10 - 17 Sep.

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painting of Spanish trumpets in the sun by painter Claire Warner

by Claire Warner

Claire Warner

Claire Warner works as a professional artist and paints in watercolour, oils, acrylics and pastels, but watercolour is the medium she keeps coming back to.

Claire won first prize in a national competition for her teaching entitled ‘Art for Therapy’. She develops and runs courses for students of all abilities around the country. Her gentle step-by-step approach enables students to produce first class finished pictures in just one day.

painting of a street view of a typical Spanish white village by painter Diana Golledge



Claire’s aim is to help each student reach their full potential, in addition to enjoying the painting experience. With patience and encouragement, along with her sense of humour, she ensures that each day is full of fun and a sense of achievement.

Claire’s style of painting and teaching can be seen on film:-
Website: www.saa.co.uk/art/claire

Painting holidays 2016: 04-14 Oct.

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Peter Keegan

painting of a field with flowers by painter Peter Keegan

by Peter Keegan

Peter Keegan is an award-winning painter, specialising in figurative and landscape work.

He follows traditional techniques but uses them in a way to depict the people and scenes he meets in a modern and original style. His aim is to always create a painting or drawing that reflects the subject's likeness and personality, as well as capturing those special elements which make the subject truly "them".

painting of a portrait in oil and acrylic  by painter Peter Keegan

by Peter Keegan





Peter is an experienced painting tutor, full of useful tips, techniques and provides easy to follow guides and demonstrations in his inspiring and enthusiastic manner.

Painting holidays 2015: 10 Oct. - 17 Oct.

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Watercolour painting of a Entrance of a Spanish house by painter Joanne Thomas

by Joanne Thomas

Joanne Thomas

Joanne tutors numerous holidays in Europe and is a resident tutor with the new online venture Art Tutor. She has a lively schedule of workshops in the North West of England which are always fully booked with students waiting for a chance to attend her sessions. We are delighted that she will be joining us at La Finca Del Neno.

Joanne says: "Watercolour is the ideal medium to capture the transparent effects of light and mood with sensitivity and its unpredictability provides an exciting edge to the challenge which, for me, is a large part of the attraction. The qualities I hope to bring to my work are pleasing composition, harmonious colour, interesting textures and the quality of light."

Watercolour painting of tropical spanish fruits by painter Joanne Thomas



As well as being a gifted artist, Joanne is a highly professional tutor and demonstrator. She says: "I feel very passionate about teaching and passing on my knowledge to my students and a real sense of achievement and pride when they achieve their own personal artistic goals."

Website: www.artbyboon.co.uk

Painting holidays 2016: 18-25 June

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watercolour painting with view of a Spanish village by painting tutor Klaus Hinkel

"Frigiliana" by Klaus Hinkel

Klaus Hinkel

Klaus Hinkel is a member of the Andalusian Watercolour Society and was a founder member of the Malaga Watercolour Society. He has been successful in many exhibitions in Europe and America and has earned his living entirely from painting since 1990. As a teacher he is conscientious towards the needs of the individual student and people really feel they are learning something new and exciting. His style is very loose and free; the colours are pure Mediterranean. For more information about the artist visit his website www.watercolours.es

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We reserve the right to change our tutors should they not be available due to unforeseen circumstances.