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Rita Carpenter is passionate about photography and has been for most of her life. In 2008, Rita began painting in watercolor. Without formal education in art, she attended many international art adventures with Karlyn Holman. This is where she began and eventually fell in love with watercolor.

She has also taken workshops from well known instructors. Rita loves that watercolor can be wild and free or it can be tightly controlled. She feels the challenge lies in nding the balance. She loves to add collage, pastel, or acrylic to watercolor to get more texture and to add personal meaning.

Rita has been involved with the Janesville Art League for many years. During this time, she has held many JAL Board positions: Secretary, United Art Alliance Liaison, Co-President in restoration of oil paintings and Vice -President of events.

Rita was a board member for the Association of Wisconsin Artists ( AKA - WRAA ) Rita was the State Day Coordinator and the Bridging Generations Coordinator. Rita is also the International Watercolor Society (IWS) head for the state of Wisconsin/USA. has won State awards for her art and photography and has had her art published in the JAL calendar. She has taught introductory/intermediate classes in acrylic pouring and watercolor for 6+ years. Rita will continue to educate herself in all art mediums. She started a business, Art on the Fly, LLC in 2018. She organizes art travel trips with other artists to share the joy of creating.

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